Best homemade pre workout energy drink

Best homemade pre workout energy drink

Instead of incurring a lot of expenses buying pre work outs drinks, you can easily make a pre workout energy drink at home. As long as you have the ingredients, whipping up will take a short time and the next minute, you would be enjoying rich, natural pre work out energy drink.

The banana wheat grass smoothie is the best pre workout energy drink out of the so many others sampled locally. It is very healthy and easy to make. The ingredients which you should have include bananas, water and wheat grass powder.

The serving size could vary but for our example, you can use 3 bananas and 2 cups of water. The bananas should be the sweet variety while water should be cold, not warm. You don’t need much of the wheat grass powder as only 1 teaspoonful is required.

The above ingredients are processed in a blender to make a smooth consistency. Once ready, you will pour this drink in your sports bottle and head to the gym. If you take this drink before the work out, you will be bubbling with energy and be ready for any work out challenge ahead.

It is not fair not to talk about the other drinks which could potentially take the title of   the best pre workout energy drink. In any case, what is best is relative. Take the case of green banana smoothie. It also makes use bananas as some of the main ingredients .You might require more bananas (in this case 4), greens for salad and cold water. For the greens, you will require lettuce.

The above lettuce is cut up into pieces and then put into a blender. You will then add 3 cups of cold water and blend.Thereafter; you will just add your peeled bananas and blend to a final smooth consistency.

The other option you will have in the absence of these two when making pre workout energy drink is to apple cider vinegar. As we are well aware, ACV is rich in potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and many other nutrients. Using it to make a work out drink would be a worthwhile drink. There are several ingredients you will require, in this case:

  • The ACV itself in unpasteurized form
  • Cold water-a few ounces will do
  • Syrup

The above ingredients are mixed together in bottle and you will have your pre work out energy drink ready.

An orange Flax smoothie is a good choice for anyone who is looking for an energizing work out supplement. To make one you will only need the seedless variety of oranges and flax oil. They are mixed together and some cold water added. There you will have a healthy drink for your pre work out.

As you can see, these are just but a few of the drinks which you can make at home to help prepare the body for a pre work out. You will invigorated, energized and therefore, strong for any kind of training, even if it resistant training.

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