Best pre workout powder

Best pre workout powder

The C4 easily makes the best pre workout powder and there is every reason to see it that way. The name has been abuzz in the supplement circles and therefore, it might interest you to know why it has become so popular.

Also known as C4 extreme, this powder is an energy packed product which focuses on the mind and muscles. It is specifically designed for a pre work out as opposed to a post work out session. When taken in the right dosage, it has the potential power to make you burst with energy.


One of the reason why it is hailed as the best pre workout powder is the fact that it makes use of the NO3   technology. This is advanced technology makes it highly effective in boosting the body when it comes to the pre work out.


Part of the reason why C4 is in a class of its own is that it has great ingredients such as Beta Alanine, Creatine and Arginine. All these ingredients combine to make a very powerful product which is quite reliable during the pre-work outs.


For the C4 to be effective as a pre workout powder, you will need to know just the right amount to take.   One scoop per serving would be adequate but if you have seem bit of endurance; the two scoops would do just fine. However, experts warn that you should take no more than two scoops a day as such a serving would end up being harmful to the body.

Quick response

As long as you are hydrated, you will realize that it will take a very short time before there is energy release. In most cases, the pre workout powder will have started taking effect in the body within 30 minutes.

As a rule, any pre  work out  powder or drink  should be  taken about 30 minutes before you begin  a pre work out .The purpose of a pre work out is to supply your body with the energy it needs for a work out.

Those who have used this supplement do admit that it is highly effective in providing the body with explosive energy. This intense energy helps one to work out for long periods without getting tired.

The work outs that you will take part will not be ordinary .It is an extra –ordinary one in the sense that you will have unbelievable work out schedules.

The cellucor 4 has been hailed as the saviour for the work out freaks. If you want to believe it, then   you need to sample what others are saying.

One reviewer actually admits to trying out various pre works out products without seeing any resuls.When she used together with her boyfriend, she was amazed at the quick results.

The C4 is a good value for money as you buy one and get the other one absolutely free. It is thus not just the best pre workout powder in terms of performance, but in terms of cost too.

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