DIY pre work out drink options

DIY pre work out drink options

Did you know that you could make an energy drink at home that would be an excellent pre workout drink? Well, you do not have doubt your ability since all that you need are the ingredients and the will power. Let us look at how you would make a pre workout drink easily at home.

The cocolina is the first of such drinks. It is a coconut drink containing spirulina and as expected, the only few ingredient that young will need are the coconut water and the spirulina powder.

How do you make the pre workout drink?

Well, if you have half a spoon of the spirulina powder and the coconut water, you are good to go. The first thing that you will need to do is to mix the two ingredients. Make sure that you tighten the cap of the bottle in which you are doing the mixing. You will them shake it thoroughly.

Your drink will be ready to be taken as a pre workout drink. Some people find the spirulina unpalatable in this form. You will have, in this case, the option of taking the spirulina in tablet form but instead of swallowing it with water; you will just use the coconut water. Either way, you will have an excellent drink to take as you work out.

 How about an orange flax smoothie for a pre workout drink?  Well, as we are pretty aware, the oranges provide us with a host of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, vitamin C, B1, B3 among others. We need all these nutrients during a workout. The release of energy needs to be contained, hence the need for flax oil.

The ingredients

For this pre workout drink, you will only require peeled orange (5 will be enough) and the hempseed oil which has been cold pressed.

How do you make this drink?

It is simple and straightforward as they come. The first thing that you will need to do is to mix the ingredients and then add cold water.

An apple cider vinegar drink is a great option for anyone who is intent to having an intense work out.  It is packed with various nutrients which include potassium, phosphorus and a host others. These nutrients are very important for a successful work out.

When it comes to making the energy drink, you will be required to obtain the apple cider vinegar, cold water and coconut nectar. For those who are diabetic, you can have Stevia syrup or yacon syrup.

Banana wheat grass smoothie is yet another perfect example of the   energy drink that you can make if you want to have an energy packed work out. Large bananas, cold water and wheat grass powder make your most important ingredients.

All the ingredients are combined in a blender to make smoothie, which you will put in a bottle and head to the gym.

In between the work outs, take sips and as sure as hell, you will be super charged and raring to go.

Any of these drinks can do for your pre work out.

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