Main ingredients of a good pre workout

Main ingredients of a good pre workout

Have you ever figured out what it takes to have a good pre work out? The truth of the matter is that there are   only 4 things that you need to have such a pre work out. These are as given below:


The body needs a lot of energy   for work outs. Burning calories for instance requires that you take supplements which increase the body metabolism. Caffeine is the ubiquitous drink that you need to keep you going for hours. The coffee with an optimal dose of 500mg is ideal for use as it will help intensify your work out.

The anabolic environment should be built on but this is only feasible if you have the right ingredient in your good pre workout. The Branched-Chain Amino Acids or the BCAAs in short are very crucial in this undertaking. Valine, isoleucine and leucine are some of the most important BCAAs that you need for this anabolic activity. Proteins in the body should not be broken down in the body; they should be made in plenty. Only these BCAAs can help reverse this trend. It goes without saying that the body will require lots of these. Building of muscles starts at this point when you take more of the BCAAs.

Increasing the endurance of the muscles is an important thing and actually forms the basis of a good pre workout for this reason; you will require Beta-Alanine, though not in much dosage like the other ingredients. Up to 5g from 1.5 g would be adequate to help your muscles keep going for hours .Resistance training in particular is very demanding for the muscles. Without the Beta-alanine, the muscles would fatigue quite   early and this would mean that you will not achieve the goals that you set like the lean muscle mass as well as the building of muscles.

Getting more volume in terms of muscles would mean that you work out for longer. This in turn would mean that you get more of this ingredient.

 The Creatine monohydrate is the   last of the main 4 ingredients that one needs to consider for a good pre workout. Strength is very important for any work out and with up to 20 g for a just a day, you will be good to go. The lower rep work outs rely so much on the Creatine and hence the reason why the body needs it.

This substrate energy gives you all the strength the body needs for what we technically refer to as the saturation process.However, there is no conclusive evidence to show that you would need to take Creatine after work out to get strength. It is really optional but as you will agree, it still plays a very important for those who want to pump up the muscles.

In conclusion, it is important to understand what the body requires for an ideal work out. This is because the body works when it is provided with the 4 main ingredients as discussed.

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