Natural pre workout drinks recipes

Natural pre workout drinks recipes

It is easy for you to make a natural pre workout drink. In this article, we are going to explore a few recipes which will enable you to make a healthy, strong, natural and energizing drink for your pre work out.

The first recipe for the natural pre workout drink is the banana –walnut bliss. The recipe is simple and easy as you will only require a few ingredients. For one, you will use skim milk, banana, honey vanilla extract and a handful of walnuts.

The servings will vary but if you want just 2 servings, then 2 cups of skim milk be needed. A teaspoonful of honey one big banana will suffice. Use no more than a quarter spoonful of vanilla.


All the above ingredients will then be blended to make the natural pre workout drink.

The drink is course meal for breakfast, brunch or can still be used as snack. Others will find it ideal as a good cuisine for breakfast, drink or simply as a dessert.

The next example of the natural pre workout drink is Kiwi n’ kale smoothie. It is one natural pre workout drink that is green power that keeps you highly energized. Would like to know how to make for that super energy boost? The recipe is here.

You will once again require a cup of skim milk; kale leaves peeled kiwi fruit and peanut butter. To sweeten it, you can add honey or maple syrup. Better still, you can use agave nectar.

The ingredients are mixed and then blended to make a perfect smoothie. The smoothie can be served for breakfast, brunch or used as a snack.

NB: The serving size will determine the amount of nutrients that you are going to use.

 You will still find oat cocoa smoothie to be a good natural pre workout drink. This works for those who want to lose weight. For one serving only, the ingredients will include a quarter cup of skim milk. A teaspoonful of vanilla extract and a half cup of low-fat yogurt would be required.

Additionally, you will require a quarter cup of oats, another tablespoonful of flaxseed and a tablespoonful flaxseed. Cocoa powder and a banana (small size) would be all you need.

As usual, all the ingredients will be added together and blended to make one powerful

Natural pre workout drink

This drink will give you a high amount of calories (350), which is what you need for your pre work out.

Lastly, let us look at C-blast Smoothie. It will give you a blast of energy .It requires fewer ingredients than the others mentioned above

You will need a grapefruit, that has been cut puma canned pine apple and strawberries. You can vary the ingredients depending on the serving size.

These ingredients are all put in a blender and then blended to a smooth consistency. The smoothie will pump into your body 159 calories. This is sufficient energy boost to help in you pre work out.

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