Top pre workout drink for women

Top pre workout drink for women

We tend to associate pre work outs with men. However, women have come out strongly in this area. Just like men, the pre work out drink for women is necessary. Their bodies of women have their own demands before, during work out and after. Before we identify the pre workout drink for women, we need to appreciate the fact that work outs drain you of fluids, hence you fee dehydrated. Secondly, there isneed to replenish the nutrients.

When it comes to the pre workout drink for women, it is not easyto say which the best is. This is because there are many such drinks. However, you can never go wrong with a smoothie. One that is made from protein powder and a fruit is a good option. Soy protein powder would for instance make an ideal drinkfor women who want to take part in a pre-workout exercise. Vegetables, carbs and fats can also be added to the drink to make it more enriched with nutrients.

Water is very important when it comes to work outs. This is because it helps the body regain water after sweat out profusely. Take water before, duringthe work andeven work out. You will get hydrated; hence keep you going after the work out. Cool water is easier absorbed than the warm water. Apart from this, warm water could potentially cause cramping.

Milk is arguably one of the best drinks that you can take prior to your work out as a woman. Whether it is natural or sweetened, milk is rich in calcium and other minerals which the body need to replenish after an intense work out. You should also consider the plant milk instead of the animal milk.


Women love yogurtand for this reason, they will find it quite useful during pre-workout. Donot take any yogurt   and instead, preference should go to Greek yogurt as it is immensely rich in nutrients. Just like the other drinks that we have looked at, you can enrich this drink with fruits. Granola or any other frozen fruit would be ideal for taking as a pre workout drink for women.

Caffeine is strongly considered a good pre work out drinkand especially for those who are looking to lose weight. Research has shown that taking coffee prior to work outhelps a woman to lose 15% of the calories to be burned. Coffee reduces the pain one ordinarily feels in the muscles during work out.

Having looked at various drinks that women should take, it is also fair to look at those drinks which they should avoid. The first one is   soda. This drink will cause dehydration and also drain you fast. The energy drinks are also not recommended for they cause burn out. In other words, the body burns the calories, leaving high and dry.

 Alcohol and fruit punches are the other drinks that you should avoid at all costs if you want to carry out a pre work   out. They cause more harm than good.

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