Why you need pre workout protein

Why you need pre workout protein

For those who are working out, there is no better way to stay elevated for long hours than to take pre workout protein.  It is the best when it comes to doubling the dip since work out is about performance, you ca can be sure that this protein will help you achieve your goals.

Amino acids are very important in the blood when you are working out. This is because they carry the protein building blocks. Only the pre workout protein can offer a higher amount of the amino acids.  Those who ignore the role of   protein suffer from reduced work out hours and usually find it difficult to build muscles.

Is it true to say that pre workout protein is the Holy Grail of any work out? To a very large extent, you will realize that this holds true. The following are the reasons why you should think about this protein every time the thought of work out crosses of mind.

Fuelling of muscles

The muscles need a lot of energy for you to work. The other supplements will not give you the energy that you require. The pre workout protein and especially the BCAAs is the ultimate weapon that you need. The BCAAs is broken energy to release energy, thus saving the working muscle from being catabolised in the first place.


The truth of the matter is that you need protein in your body before work out since you will need this for a work out. Some like whey protein are very crucial since they enable the body   to endure longer work outs. You will have elevated energy levels for 3 hours and counting. There is no doubt that the synthesis is crucial for sustained energy release in the muscles.

Burning of calories

The body requires a lot of energy. The energy comes from the calories consumed.However; this is only feasible if you are able to break down the energy in the body. The metabolic effect on the calories depends on the breakdown of the proteins themselves. This is very important and more the reason why you need the protein.

Carry over

Muscle breakdown is due to being fatigued after an intensive work out. The carry over is the energy after the pre-work out which could be used long after the pre work out. It is very vital for preventing the muscles from tiring. During this carry over, the amino acids are broken down and the effect is that the muscle ‘burnout ‘is forestalled.

If you ever come across someone who is exhausted after a workout, then it is possible that you did not have enough protein before hitting the gym. It is never too late to whip up a protein supplement.

 Burning of fat

Perhaps it comes as a surprise to you but the truth of the matter is that you will need to take protein.  The low carb   diet goes very well with the BCAAs, hence the need to have one.

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